Two oak trees
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two oak trees

If you want to understand adversity, take two identical acornsthe same oak treeplant themtwo different locations. Plant the firstthe middle of a dense forest,the othera hill by itself.

Here's what will happen. The oak standinga hillside is exposed to every stormgale. As a result its roots plunge deepthe earthspreadevery direction, even wrapping themselves around giant boulders. At times it may seem the tree isn't growing fast enough—but the growth is happening underground. It's as if the roots know they must ported the treethe threatening elements.

What about the acorn plantedthe forest? It becomes a weak, frail sapling. And since it is protected by its neighbors, the little oak doesn't sense the need to spread its roots for support.

Don't be afraid of adversity! Welcome it! That's your surefire route to ultimate success.


1.Acorn   n. 橡实,橡子
 There are many acornsthe oak tree.

2.adversity  n. 不幸,灾难
 A genuine friend will not desert youtime of adversity.

3.oak   n. 橡树,橡木
 That chiffonier is made of oak.

4.plunge   v. 使投入,跳入,栽进  n. 跳入,投入  n. (泳池)深水区
 She plunged her handsher coat pockets.

5.sapling   n. 树苗,小树,年轻人
 It's our duty to protect the saplings.

6.surefire    adj. 一定会发生的,定成功的