Mother’s Day
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Mother’s Day

Sunday is Mother’s Daythe United States. Mother’s Day is celebratedmany countries around the world, but not alwaysthe same day. Some historians say the holiday comesancient spring festivals inGreeceandRome. A more modern Mother’s Day beganthe seventeenth century inBritain.

The writer Julia Ward Howe made the first known suggestion for a Mother’s DaytheUnited States. That waseighteen-seventy-two. She said it should be a day to celebrate peace. Mother’s Day as it is celebrated today began with a woman named Anna Jarvis. In nineteen-oh-seven, she held a ceremony to honor her mother at a churchthe state ofWest Virginia. She held the ceremonythe anniversary of her mother’s death. Later, sheothers wrote thousands of letters to public officials urging that the second SundayMay be declared Mother’s Day.

Mother's Day --the 2nd SundayMay (Universally)

Mother's Day is a time of commemorationcelebration for Mom. It is a time of breakfastbed, family gatherings,crayon scribbled "I Love You".

Mothers Day is a holiday when children honor their mothers with cards, giftsflowers. In many countries, such as Denmark, Finland, Italy, Turkey, Australiathe US, people celebrate Mothers Daythe second SundayMay while many other countries of the world celebrate their own Mothers day at different times through out the year.

One of the best ways to celebrate Mothers Day is to give your mom the day off. Let her relax with the rest of the family doing all the housework. Usually, dadthe kids will let mom sleep late that morning as they gothe kitchen to prepare her favourite breakfast. Never forget to place a vase with a single flowerthe table beside the food. The kids can pick up the flowerthe garden or buy onethe shop. Arrange everything nicely before mom wakes up. Some families will carry the foodmoms favourite sectionsthe newspaper to her bedroom so that mom can have breakfastbed. Presentscardsthe kids can be handed to mom by themselves or just placedthe dining table.

After breakfast, go anywhere mom likes to go. Shopping, swimming or goinga picnicthe garden. Make a special Mothers Day dinner or take mom out for a great meala famous restaurant she loves most.

Anyway ,let mom enjoy the whole dayfeel your love,then the Mothers Day can be a good one. As Mothers Day is around the corner, its time to take actions!